Python power for your tables


Pyspread works on Linux and other GTK platforms as well as on Windows. While there have been reports that pyspread can be used on OS X as well, OS X is currently unsupported.
Pyspread requires the following software to be installed:

The following optional dependencies improve user experience:


These instructions are for installing the source tarball
pyspread v1.1.2 (gpg sig).


  1. Ensure that all dependencies are installed.

  2. Unpack the tarball

  3. cd to the extraction directory

  4. Type in
    python setup.py install


The following distributions provide pyspread as a package (latest release linked):

Arch logo
Arch pyspread v1.1.1
Debian logo Debian pyspread v1.1.1
Fedora logo Fedora pyspread v1.1.1
Linux Mint logo Linux Mint pyspread v1.0.1 Please do not use v1.0.1 that has a critical file saving bug.
Mageia logo Mageia pyspread v1.1
NixOS logo NixOS pyspread v1.1.1
Slackware logo
Slackware pyspread v1.1.1
Ubuntu logo Ubuntu pyspread v1.1.1

For these distributions, the easiest way is to install pyspread from the repositories. The source distribution can also be used e.g. if the packaged version is outdated.



Starting from version 1.0, a Windows 32 bit installer is available (Windows XP or later). Note that the installer does not comprise all libraries that are used in the examples, i.e. maps and videos in the grid will not work out of the box.

  1. Download and install gnupg (Gpg4win supports 32&64bit). Note that version 2.2.6 works and version 3.x does not. If you encounter issues please downgrade to 2.2.6.

  2. Download the pyspread installer (32MB download, gpg sig).

  3. Run the Setup file.

Manual installation

If you want to customize a Windows installation or if you require 64 bit then install pyspread manually. Please follow these instructions. Links point at sites where both 32 bit and to 64 bit versions are provided.

  1. Download and install Python, numpy and matplotlib. You can find 32bit and 64bit packages of WinPython here. Make sure to get the Python2 version. If WinPython is used then the WinPython control panel is recommended for all installations.

  2. Download and install Cairo and pycairo. Working binaries are available here. Note that Cairo has to be installed by manually copying it. Make sure to read the installation instructions.

  3. Download and install wxPython 2.8.x.

  4. Download and install gnupg (Gpg4win supports 32&64bit)

  5. Download and install python-gnupg.

    For  32 bit systems, an exe installer (python-gnupg-0.3.4.win32.exe) is provided on the linked page.

    For 64 bit systems, the python-gnupg tarball (python-gnupg-0.3.4.tar.gz) has to be extracted (e.g. with 7zip) and installed as follows:

  6. Download and install the source distribution of pyspread

  7. Start pyspread by double-clicking on the file pyspread.bat in the extraction directory

Author: Martin Manns (mmanns < at > gmx < dot > net)

Last changed: 11. June 2018